How Long Will My Carpets Be “Wet”?…

The most frequently asked question we receive is:

Are the carpets wet when you clean them? and how long are they wet?

Yes the carpets will be damp to touch, as they have or will be "washed with hot water (steam cleaned)" and drying time can vary somewhat due to how thick your carpet pile is, how dirty it is, if there is any circulation and the amount of ventilation you are able to provide to the carpet upon completion of it being cleaned….

Some suggestions we can make are that you open windows upon completion of the cleaning, turn on a fan or fans to help create circulation. Do not place towels on the carpet as this hinders the drying process…                                                       IMG_2387

Extreme Carpet Cleaning Wollongong were at a job cleaning a carpet for a client at Figtree, whilst at the first job they received a call from a landlord whom requested our help and asked us to attend a property at Corrimal asap because it had a damp smell, after some investigating it was found that the ex tenant had hired a “carpet cleaning machine” and decided to attempt to clean it themselves, besides the result not being satisfactory, it left the carpet over wet and it had also developed a “wet smell”, a couple of reasons caused this, the first reason was because the carpet was over wet and/or the machine didn’t extract well enough and the second is because upon completion of cleaning the carpet the tenant had closed and locked everything up, so there was no circulation and/or ventilation, fortunately Extreme were able to dry and restore the situation but it is bad experiences of “carpet cleaning” like this that create worry. Well with Extreme you can be assured that we are trained and has the best technology and machinery for the job….

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